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What Are Some Examples of Deck Designs?Ground level decks, raised decks, roof decks, stone decks with metal railings and above-ground pool decks are examples of different deck designs. Additional specific examples are the Cape Cod Deck, the Breiling Deck, Vermont Woods, Abby Creek and the Pool Deck in East W What Are Common Building Codes for Decks?Common building codes for decks include that the deck be 30 inches above grade, which is the ground level directly adjoining the deck, and guard rails are secure and cannot collapse, states Balusters, or vertical posts, must be built to prevent people from fa What Are the Decks of a Ship Called?There are different decks of a ship, but the primary deck of the vessel is call

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How Do You Tile a Bathroom?To tile a bathroom, spread mortar on the floor evenly, and secure tiles on top of it. Insert tile spacers in between tiles for even lines, and then apply grout to the spaces.How Do You Remove Bathroom Tiles?To remove tile from the wall, cut the grout with a utility knife, loosen the tile with a chisel, and pry the tile loose with a putty knife. Remove additional tiles using the same method, and remove remaining grout or debris using a paint scraper.How to Make a Plastic MoldMaking a plastic mold can be done in a few steps if you want to make copies of an existing object, according to Bright Hub Engineering. The mold is created from a two-ingredient liquid compound that sets up overnight before you cas

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What Is a Linear Foot?A linear foot is the same measurement as a foot. The linear foot measures 12 inches in length. Linear is used to describe the total length of an item without regard to width or thickness.How Many Linear Feet Are There Per Square Foot?Square feet do not "contain" linear feet, but they are calculated using linear feet as units of measurement. Square feet are two-dimensional measurements, whereas linear feet are one dimensional. Because they do not measure the same things, it is not possible to convert What Is the Average Cost Per Linear Foot to Build a Retaining Stone Wall?Prices for stone retaining walls are typically given in square feet, and the average prices is between $25 and $40 per square foot, as of

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What Are Foam Board Prints?Foam board prints are images that are printed onto hard foam boards. The photo images are UV-printed onto a white forex sheet, and then the board itself may be decoratively set elsewhere.Where Is Latin America?Latin America consists of the southern portion of North America, all of South America and the Caribbean islands. Spanish or Portuguese is the primary in most Latin countries.How Do You Paint Cement Board?There are five basic steps to paint a cement board: 1) clean the board area to be painted; 2) make sure the board area to be painted is completely dry; 3) prep and prime the cement board; 4) apply paint; and 5) apply sealant on the board.Closed-cell PVC foamboard - Wik

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What Are Some Good Outdoor Floor Coverings?Good outdoor floor coverings include wooden planks laid directly over concrete, concrete itself, pea gravel, flagstones and stone. Artificial grass is also an excellent outdoor floor covering.What Are Some Good Bathroom Floor Ideas?Concrete floors are a good idea for a bathroom, according to HGTV. Large concrete tiles make the bathroom space appear consistent and pair well with the ceramic elements of the space.14 Inspiring Ideas for Outdoor ShedsOutdoor sheds serve many purposes from storing supplies to creating a separate room. Read through these 14 inspiring ideas to help you design your shed.What Are Some Floor Tile Design Ideas?Some popular

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What Materials Are Good for Patio Deck Tiles?Good materials for patio deck tiles include wood, stone, composite lumber and ceramic. More color and surfacing material options are available for stone and ceramic tiles, but these are not in widespread use and may not be equally suited to all climate types. Wood tiles Which Retailers Carry Tiled Patio Tables?The Home Depot, Pier 1 Imports and Sears carry tile top patio tables. Designs range from square and rectangular tables with square tiles to round tables with mosaic tiles of various shapes.How Do You Install Patio Tiles Over Concrete?To install a patio tile over concrete, mix mortar and spread it over a small area, put the tile in the mortar, wipe off any excessive mortar, and

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How Can You Estimate Vinyl Decking Prices?One way to estimate vinyl decking prices is to use the calculators available on the Home Wyse and Remodeling Expense websites. As of 2015, each calculator allows users to input the square footage needed for the deck along with a ZIP code in order to estimate the total c What Are Some Decking Products?As of 2015, some different types of decking products include pressure-treated lumber, redwood, western red cedar, plastic decking and composite decking. Composite decking, which is primarily composed of recycled plastics and wood fibers, is produced by a number of diffe What Are Average Cedar Decking Prices?As of 2015, the average cedar decking prices range between $24 to $45 per square foo

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What Is the Development Gap?The development gap is a term used for defining the differences between the most and least advanced countries. It is another way of referring to nations that enjoy first, second and third world statuses. It defines how far apart countries are in terms of development, ec What Is Gap Insurance?Gap insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, protects a buyer or leaser from loss when a vehicle has been stolen or damaged beyond repair. When the value of the loan taken out to buy the vehicle is more than the current market value that insurers pay, gap insurance mak What Is Deck Baluster Spacing?Deck baluster spacing is the amount of spacing between the vertical supports on a deck railing. These vertical supp

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Where to Buy Outdoor Rubber FlooringWhether you're searching for industrial rubber flooring, rubber tiles for your playground surface or rubber flooring for outside surfaces, there are plenty of places to find your favorite styles. Check out this guide to learn where to purchase rubber flooring for any ne What Are Some Types of Inexpensive Outdoor Flooring?Some inexpensive outdoor flooring options include concrete and deck tiles made of wood composite materials. Moderately-priced outdoor flooring that is slightly higher is brick, stone and flagstone.What Are Some Cheap Outdoor Carpet Rolls?Cheap outdoor carpet brands include Foss EcoFi, Citation, Lancer Sundancer Marine and Citation. Menards sells these outdoor carpets in 12-fo

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What Tile Flooring Looks Like Wood?Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be manufactured to look like wood floors. The wooden look is achievable with standard square tiles or available in plank form for a more authentic resemblance.What Are Some Types of Tile Flooring?Types of tile flooring include natural stone, porcelain, ceramic and mosaic. Rubber, vinyl, glass and terracotta floor tiles are also available. Tiles are available in different shapes such as rectangles, circles, diamonds, octagons and hexagons and come in a variety of Where to Buy Outdoor Rubber FlooringWhether you're searching for industrial rubber flooring, rubber tiles for your playground surface or rubber flooring for outside surfaces, there are plenty of places t

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What Are the Names of Recycled Lumber Products?Greenwood, produced by Eagle One; Bear Board, a product of Bear Board Engineered Plastic; and RPI plastic lumber, available from Recycled Plastics Industries, are among recycled lumber product names. Fiberforce, Selectforce and Barforce are recycled plastic lumber produ Which Retailers Supply Plastic Lumber?Retailers supplying plastic lumber include Recycled Plastics Industries, American Plastic Lumber Inc. and Plastic Lumber Yard. Each manufacturer provides access to structural lumber ideal for decks, tables, benches and roofing in a variety of colors.How Many 2 X 4 Lumber Pieces Do You Need to Build a House?The amount of 2x4 lumber pieces required to build a home varies according

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What Is Aspen Dental?Aspen Dental is a dental company with 488 dental offices throughout the United States that performs dental treatments and dental evaluations, according to the Aspen Dental website and Huffington Post. However, there have been many reporting of misconduct amongst the Asp What Type of Credit Do You Need to Obtain an ASPEN Credit Card?The Aspen Credit Card was a Visa card that CompuCredit marketed to consumers with sub-prime or poor credit scores, according to To procure the card, customers paid a $29 application fee, an annual fee of $150 and $6.50 per month in maintenance fees.What Is the Difference Between an Aspen and a Birch Tree?Birch trees and aspen trees have a similar appearance,

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What Are the Types of Composite Decking?The types of composite decking include hollow and solid composite decking. While the former is a relatively lighter material with an artificial appearance, the latter is a heavier wood-like composite decking.How Does Composite Decking Work?Composite decking is created using a combination of different materials that include plastic and wood. These materials are processed to provide the look of authentic wood. The wood materials used to create composite decking consist of lumber byproducts, such as sawdust What Are Some Problems With Composite Decking?Composite decking is made from sawdust, old wood, plastic bags and milk jugs and, therefore, does not look or feel like real wood. Composite

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How to Use a Pontoon BoatIf you're looking to get into the boating lifestyle, finding a pontoon boat on sale may be a good option. A pontoon boat is like a floating patio. It can be easier to use than some other style boats.How Do You Buy Used Pontoon Boats?The specific method for purchasing a used pontoon boat varies depending on how the boat is sold. Boats sold on classifieds sites require you to contact the seller and work out all arrangements on your own, while boats purchased on auction sites offer you many tools to f What Materials Do You Need for a Home-Built Pontoon Boat?The exact materials needed to build a home-built pontoon boat depend on the sturdiness and size of the boat. For example, one method requires using pol

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What Are Some Tips for Installing Wood Flooring?When installing wood flooring, the most important tips are to properly prepare the base, acclimate the wood to the normal temperature and humidity of the home, decide on the floor layout ahead of time, and use a flooring nailer tool for installation. Also, installing wo How Do You Install Wood Flooring Over Concrete?To install wood flooring over concrete, lay 6-millimeter polyethylene sheeting over the concrete, and use concrete screws placed at 16-inch intervals to fasten 3/4-inch pressure-treated plywood to the concrete. Finally, use a standard flooring nailer to nail the wooden How Do You Install Laminate Wood Flooring?Laminate wood flooring is installed by locking the pieces